Telecom Updates

I just finished updating all of my phone technology, and I’m pleased with the results – lower cost and more functionality than before. I’m relating the experience in the event that it is useful to you.

I started with (1) an old Sprint cell contract and phones, (2) a land line from Centurylink to support a device that sends out alarm calls on low temp, water in sump, and power fail events, (3) internal Panasonic phones driven from the land line from Centurylink, and (4) Comcast cable internet service.

Briefly, here’s what I did.

  • Established a Google voice number to allow me to play with voip.
  • Installed an Obihai bridging device – OBI110. (about $50 from or amazon) Configured it to act as a bridge between my internal phones, the land line, and the Google voice voip service over the Comcast internet service. This gave me confidence and some understanding of the OBI110 device and voip features.
  • Signed up with for a more professional and stable voip service to replace the Google one. This cost all of about $10, including a monthly fee of similar size. I ported my land line number to CallCentric, which ended my CenturyLink relationship and saved nearly $20/mo.
  • Bought a simple smartphone and cell service from This is a reseller of Verizon access. This saves me on the order of $30/mo over sprint. The smartphone is a low end model and cost me $150, but I figure that a 5 month payback period is just fine.

So, I end up with more features, total portability, no long commitments, flexibility, etc., and I save about $50/mo. Oh yes, and I can make internet-based phone calls from my tablet anywhere in the world or from the smartphone to just about anywhere else in the world to save more $. It is not “sexy”, but being a nerdy, cash-strapped retiree, thinking about travel/relocation, this was all important to me.

I should also mention that to protect against power outages at home I have made sure that key components are powered from UPS devices, which I already had since power is unreliable here. This means that my device that sends out alarms can operate for a while during power outages.


3 thoughts on “Telecom Updates

  1. In a similar fashion, but also in the last couple of weeks, I made some changes. I swapped my CenturyLink 12 Mbps DSL link for a Suddenlink 15 Mbps fiber line. It’s $5 less a month with a 30% higher download speed, 240% higher upload speed. And they offer the potential for up to 107 Mbps for those who might want to pay for the extra.

    I also bought a box from OOMA for my phone service and switched from a very basic land line service that cost $29 a month to a VOIP service with many more features for $3.74 a month. I now have unlimited long distance in the U.S., caller ID and a range of other services.

    Oh, and if anyone wants to sign up for OOMA (, you can get a great discount if you use referral code DIP8428. That would make it cheaper then I paid for it!!! ($100 versus $130)

  2. Looks like the devices need an internet connection, but that connection needs to be something other than the phone line. We have high speed internet, but our only reasonable cost source is the CenturyLink phone service. we don’t have a fiber line

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