Richard Stallman

In one of my random walks through some of the geekier parts of the web, I ran across recent interviews with Richard Stallman. It was good to find a person who has stayed true to his principles, which are, to say the least, not in the mainstream.  He is responsible for starting the Free Software Foundation efforts that have brought us GNU/xxx and similar products.  His definition of “free” may not be what you expect.  Free does not have anything to do with price to a users.  Free has to do with whether a person can use the software without encumbrances that may restrict use or result in loss of privacy.  I think that he is a real believer in software that does not surreptitiously collect information about the user.  He thinks that people should develop software that does not diminish the privacy of the users. Such software might come in exchange for money, or not.

He also has interesting thoughts about ebooks.  Not many kind words about the Kindle, which he calls the “swindle.”  Ubuntu does not escape unscathed either.

If you want to see more about the Free Software Foundation or Richard Stallman, here are some links.

Free Software Foundation (FSF) home =

Richard’s blog at FSF =

Richard’s own site =

An interview with Richard = (Watch out, you may find this to be too much!)



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