Gale Woods Farm

The Three Rivers Parks District is responsible for this unique site.  It is dedicated to showing how small scale agriculture works.  It was donated so that it could be used for this purpose. The farm/”park” actually generates their own products that are for sale on-site.  In the winter these are meat and eggs sorts of things.

I was reminded of the site when some friends and my wife and I attended a Valentine’s Day event there.  (I was sceptical about this, but I went and had a good time.)  They served a delicious dinner, some of which consisted of their own products. There was a sleigh ride, snow shoeing, a visit to the animals in the barn, and dessert by the fire.  It was well planned, and the weather cooperated by providing clear skies from which a full moon lit up the snow.  Two Percherons pulled the sleigh and reminded me of stories from my dad’s youth in South Dakota. – Not for everyone, but we had a fun relaxing evening.

Three Rivers Parks reference =


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