Moving to Linux

I thought that this was a good article from Dan Gilmore. It pretty much describes most of my experiences with Linux (which have been quite good).  And, one of the comments to the article rightly mentions the concept of convergence. I think that many are eager for Canonical to take the next step forward in the near future.

Oh, and by the way, if you really like this topic, you might enjoy one of the webcasts from Jupiter Broadcasting. – The Linux Action Show (LAS) in particular.

You don’t have to be tied to the big sales and marketing engines of Apple, Microsoft, and Google!



Aretha Franklin – another compliment

This month’s Kennedy Center performance was a very pleasant reminder of how talented she is and how her voice has stayed strong as she has aged. If you love her singing and have not seen the performance, here’s a link to it.

Here is a link to another performance where she filled in for Luciano Pavorotti.