Living in a World of Tabloid News

Recently I have felt a lot of truth in the view that we are being manipulated by many that contribute to and present the news.

D. Trump is a good example of this. He says outlandish things to get attention and describes problems (real and imaginary) and then presents himself as the solution. He clearly manipulates the news and the consumers of the news.

In a recent foray, he seems to want to bring back the cold war days of nuclear proliferation. If he is actually sincere in this (and not just grabbing attention), I think that his views must be resisted. By taking such a stance, he promotes an idea that endangers the very existence of all on the Earth. He has already threatened our climate and groups of people (based on skin color, religion, gender, etc.). His views are dangerous, and I hope that they just represent a sick attempt at gaining attention.

Former presidents and people like Hans Bethe, who actually worked to bring nuclear weapons to the world in order to stop the Fascists of the 30s and 40s, have previously concluded that nuclear proliferation is a dangerous and undesirable path to walk. (More about Bethe – )

I have been quiet about this, but I feel that D. Trump has stepped over a line. So, I believe that I must in my own small way publicly call him out as a dangerous man with dangerous ideas.

You might be interested in the views of some thoughtful people on the subject of the manipulation of news. Here are some references for you.

Relevant books by Tim Wu. The Attention Merchants and The Master Switch

A recent interview of Tim Wu by Leo Laporte.



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