Dangerous Times

I really have tried to avoid saying much about politics over the last election cycle. However, I think that we have now gone beyond normal politics into a period of time that will be dangerous for our country. I feel compelled to publicly state the things that follow.

The current regime of D. Trump is ignorant, incompetent, and insane. I won’t try to justify this summary characterization here. It is easy to find rational analysts (conservative and liberal), who have explained why such a characterization is reasonable based on observable behaviors.

I hope that the political professionals that exist can come together to neutralize and remove this regime as quickly as possible. Perhaps such actions would demonstrate the power of cooperation and help lead us into better times.

Meanwhile, I hope that in our individual lives we can foster resistance to the current regime and demonstrate respect for those that may not outwardly appear to be like us. I have been lucky to have worked with people from various cultures. I have had the good fortune to know a gay woman, who showed me through her actions what it means to be different (at least in one way) from the people around her. And, I have found cousins, descended from slaves to whom I am probably related through an “encounter” with a distant cousin of mine of European descent. The point is that this is a complicated place. We should realize that, take it for what it is, and work together. Irrational fear and hate are not appropriate.

This will not be easy, but I think that we must denounce ignorance, incompetence and insanity and replace them with better aspects of our nature.


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