Mania for Perfection . . .

I am disturbed by the recent dismissal of G. Keillor from MPR.

If you have lived very long and have been around other people, you probably have been touched or have touched in ways that made you uncomfortable. However, there is a big difference between random mistakes and intentional touching or behavior meant to intimidate or harm. It is the intent that is important. And it is hard to know intent, except through action or speech. What I have seen and heard does not convince me of evil intent.

I hate to see a person’s life destroyed based on a mania for perfection. I would argue that we have much more important issues before us – things like systemic discrimination and abuse (in general of non-white/male people), climate change, etc.


Climate Change is in the News Again

You can read lots recently about climate change, especially about the fact that 45 is putting the USA in the position of being the lone nation to oppose the Paris Accord. You can also read about new warnings from the academic community in places like those that follow.

Unfortunately, it seems to me that a lot of energy is being spent to politicize what should not be political issues.  There is clearly an environmental problem, and we need to address it. If you want, you can follow/understand  one person’s view of how we might address the problem apolitically by following Frederic Rich. Here’s a reference to a related book (“Getting to Green”) that you can find at your library.

I think that this is maybe the most important issue of our time. We need to ignore 45 and his minions and move on to solution!

“the wealthy just carry the rest of us on their backs”

This is a quote extracted out of context from the following article.

I hardly agree with the idea that poorer folks need to be supported by rules that favor the wealthy, who seem to be the intended beneficiaries of the proposed Republican tax “reforms”.  I think that it is important to note that one of the architects of the original myth (Bruce Bartlett) now sees it as foolishness.

Check out the interview whose link appears above and/or the associated newspaper article. –