The FCC Ruling is NOT about Freedom

. . . except of course when it comes to large corporate entities that control access to the Internet. The recent FCC ruling is not about allowing consumers equal access to all content. It is about effective monopolies and influence by large corporate lobbying. It is in fact anti-competitive.

You can find information that confuses the issue, which is really about treating ISPs as common carriers.  The best description that I have found about the issues comes from a webcast by Leo Laporte – his techguy podcast #1449.  Here’s a link if you have an interest.


George Carlin would have fun with Trumpistan

I hear that 45’s administration has told the CDC that some words are not to be used. See the following article.

This reminds me of Carlin’s bit on the seven dirty words. George would have a ball with what is happening now.

National Parks – not as accessible in 2018

I know that this is not Earth-shattering, but making the national parks less accessible to people runs contrary to their original purpose. This surely looks like meanness. It is another example of how 45 and his buddies are trying to change the country in negative ways.


Last night I listened to a podcast in which a few guys from Great Britain were discussing assorted Linux topics. One of their number had just been to the USA.  He referred to it as Trumpistan. I can’t blame him.

I look forward to the day when 45 leaves office. May that day come sooner rather than later. The whole world will be better off, and we in the USA can start correcting the damage being done.

And now, Al . . .

Today Al Franken indicated that he would be resigning from the US senate. He admitted no guilt, and it was clear that he had hoped to defend himself before his peers.

It looks as though he has been abandoned by his party in favor of a strategy of seeming “clean” in advance of the 2018 elections.  In other words, when it came time for due process, the party elected to sacrifice an individual and truth in favor of some questionable advantage in 2018.

I think that this speaks poorly of the party and its ability to pursue balance and justice.

Washington truly is an evil place. The US may in fact be on the long descent into oblivion unless balanced, apolitical people can take control to pursue a better form of democracy than we have now.