Skepticism and M. King Hubbert’s Theories

Today I read a reference to some thoughts by Carl Sagan about “baloney detection.” He did a good job of promoting skepticism. If you have an interest, you could read his book, The Demon Haunted World, or take five minutes and see the video ( ) in the Open Culture article whose URL follows.

AND, this prompted me to look back at some writing done by a man named M. King Hubbert something like half a century ago regarding fossil fuel production and consumption. I encountered his ideas in the 1970s when I was a graduate student in TX. I was happy to find that people have updated data to make the analysis relevant to today’s world in which global warming and carbon consumption have become so important. Here is the article with updated information and an analysis that I think policy makers should be aware of, if they are willing to think about the lives of the next couple of generations.

It is about analysis, skepticism, and thoughtfulness about the future.


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