Canonical Shift

I have to say that I was/am disappointed by the move away from convergence and mobile devices by Canonical. I was very hopeful that we would have options to the stock ones from MS, Apple, and Google.

Having said that, I appreciate the effort expended in what I think was a righteous cause, I understand the realities of markets and finances, and I wish Canonical great success with the new focus.

(I have also tried the existing Ubuntu Gnome distro, and I look forward to the contributions and improvements that will be made to it.)


All Linux, all the time.

After years of wanting to, I have finally converted all of my home computing environments to Linux (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS). This includes one fairly new desktop machine, one old desktop, and one “middle-aged” laptop. It actually was not that hard to do. Networks work, printers and scanners work, and I have found open source software to do everything that I need to do (other than taxes, which are handled via the web).

So, I am not a spokesperson for Canonical, but I do find it liberating to be shed of Windows. It is also clear that the hardware is more efficiently used and performs much better.

I use the machines for . . . basic office documents, financial tracking and planning, email, genealogy, printing/scanning, music, photos, exploring other Linux distributions using virtualization, etc. Nothing complicated. This encourages me that this type of home computing solution could work for others. In many cases it would likely simplify their lives.

For others wanting to try this as well, there are a number of references that might help. – the main Ubuntu website, the international communities that have formed around Ubuntu and other Linux distributions, webcasts such as you can find at Jupiter Broadcasting and, companies like System76 that provide hardware (and contribute software), etc.

I really do believe that Linux has matured to the point of being viable for home computing use. Thanks to all those people that have worked and do work in an open source community to make this all possible.


Computer Solutions that Work!

I volunteer every week to help people deal with their computer problems – laptops, tablets, phones, etc. I am struck by how poorly much of the standard commercial off the shelf stuff performs for normal, not very technical people. Based on personal experience, I wish that more people knew of the option of buying a laptop or desktop machine that just works and is well supported. That option is buying a machine from System76. These devices come loaded with Ubuntu Linux.  I have recently bought one and am quite pleased. There are other sources for such devices, and I am not paid to promote System76 products. I just wish that more people knew that they have an option other than the type of stuff seen in typical big box stores.

Moving to Linux

I thought that this was a good article from Dan Gilmore. It pretty much describes most of my experiences with Linux (which have been quite good).  And, one of the comments to the article rightly mentions the concept of convergence. I think that many are eager for Canonical to take the next step forward in the near future.

Oh, and by the way, if you really like this topic, you might enjoy one of the webcasts from Jupiter Broadcasting. – The Linux Action Show (LAS) in particular.

You don’t have to be tied to the big sales and marketing engines of Apple, Microsoft, and Google!